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rolls royce next gen

Rolls Royce is growing its presence in Southern California, with a $30 million expansion into a new 62,000 square foot facility that will be dedicated to research and development of ...





The Australian Government will invest $250,000 through the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre to develop an internationally recognised advanced manufacturing hub to accelerate the growth of the carbon fibre industry in ...



Mitsubishi Electric-compositestoday



A University of Maryland student team has once again achieved new aviation heights, this time by successfully lifting a helicopter ...
ORNL-Boeing achieves Guinness World Records title

A 3D printed trim-and-drill tool, developed by researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge ...

Facebook has announced that its Aquila carbon fibre drone, which has been created to beam ...


BMW i8

BMW look set to limit the use of carbon fibre, turning instead to lightweight steels to keep profits high. The ...

Lamborghini has announced a partnership with Mitsubishi Rayon, a Japanese carbon fibre manufacturer.

Ford has announced that it’s adding two more years of production for it’s all new ...

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Students Fly Worlds First Manned Solar-Powered Helicopter

A University of Maryland student team has once again achieved new aviation heights, this time by successfully lifting a helicopter and passenger through the sole use of solar power. After ...

Carbon Fibre Composites vs an Hydraulic Press

Carbon fibre is well-known for being one of the worlds lightest and strongest materials. In this video by Hydraulic Press, a Finish based YouTube channel intent on squashing anything and ...

First Polish Road Bridge Made Using FRP Composites

The video documents the construction and testing of the longest single-span FRP composite bridge of its kind in the world. Made by Polish company Mostostal Warszawa in 2015 the bridge was part ...

New Smart Skin Protects Soldiers from Biological Attack

In work that aims to protect soldiers from biological and chemical threats, a team of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists has created a material that is highly breathable yet protective ...

Mini Robots Build New Structures From Carbon Fibre

Researchers at the University of Stuttgart’s Institute for Computational Design have created a new construction method using small robots. University of Stuttgart graduate Maria Yablonina developed a carbon-fibre fabrication process ...

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