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Solvay has entered into a definitive merger agreement with U.S.-based Cytec to acquire 100% of its share capital. The total cash consideration will amount to US $5.5 billion, corresponding to ...




Royal Ten Cate NV, has agreed to be bought by a group of private-equity firms for 675 million euros Royal Ten Cate N.V. and Tennessee Acquisition B.V., a company controlled ...



Shimtech Buys Angeles Composites Technologies



A University of Texas professor has teamed up with Sikorsky Aircraft to design more durable materials and accelerate their implementation ...

A prototype of the Preliminary Research Aerodynamic Design to Land on Mars, or Prandtl-m for ...
self-healing aircraft wings

Scientists from the University of Bristol have created aircraft wings that can fix themselves in ...



San Francisco based start-up Divergent Microfactories has unveiled a new manufacturing method using 3D printing that they claim will reduce ...

The new long range electric car uses an extremely lightweight composite chassis developed in Denmark ...

Ford has released details on what it’s calling the worlds first mass produced carbon fibre ...

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Watch this Adapted Kuka Robot Weave Carbon Fibre

Student Basia Dżaman for her graduation project, during the last year of Industrial Design studies at the School Of Form in Poznań has created 3D printed parts to adapt a ...
quintessence-AM37-aston-martin-yacht-composites today

Aston Martin to Hit the Waves with New Composite Powerboat

The AM37 is Aston Martins luxury, high performance powerboat and is set to become the first in a range of watercraft. Aston Martin has partnered with Quintessence yachts to create ...

NASA’s Prototype Carbon Fibre Drone Completes Flight Test

NASA has developed a new carbon fibre battery powered UAV dubbed Greased Lightning (GL-1o) that can switch between helicopter and airplane mode.

See how Koenigsegg makes its 280mph carbon fibre wheels

In this video drive explores one of the most disputed topics in the industry: Is it possible to make high performance carbon fiber wheels? Koenigsegg is the first in a ...

Bloodhound Gets Shot at as Panels Are Put to the Test

The folks over at bloodhound have released a video showing how they test their safety shell and protect the driver if a rock were to strike the cabin or a ...

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