The Iron Man Suit made from Fibreglass

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Mark Pearson spent 14 months building the perfect life-size replica of the Iron Man suit, much like Marvel comic hero Tony Stark, the maker of the formidable character.

Pearson worked tirelessly at his home in Bradford, West Yorkshire to finalise his creation … yet unlike Stark, 5ft 6in Mark, can’t fit into the 6ft 2in costume.

I don’t know why I did it, I guess it was just a moment of madness. I decided on making the helmet then I said to my partner – I’m going to make the full suit. She said to me ‘you’re 44, what are you doing making a model of a man from comic books?

The suit started out as 400 sheets of cardboard which he carefully turned into a 3D structure which he turned into a silicone mould for his fibre-glass suit . It is also fitted with flashing lights for the eyes, hands and chest.

Pearson added:

It’s taken a very long time and has been a gruelling process. I started off by downloading the templates from the internet before making them into cardboard moulds. That was when it started to take shape. Once I sorted the moulds out I was able to pull the fibreglass suit from them. I’ve learned a lot along the process and discuss different ideas with people from across the world. I know now that if I was going to do anything like this again it would be much easier. Not sure the missus would be very pleased mind.

via: Daily Mail