Brabus Private Jets

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Founded in 1977 Brabus stated out manufacturing high-end luxury automotive interiors, powerful super-cars and tuning components, now the German outfit seems to be taking an interest in the skies by introducing Brabus Private Aviation

Brabus Private Aviation offers exclusive design and manufacturing for the cabins of brand-new executive jets as well as the redesign and customisation of aircraft already in operation. Matching the design style of the cabin the BRABUS Private Aviation designers also create extraordinary exterior designs which give each jet its very own individual character. Brabus Aviation will kit out existing or new heavyjets, such as the Bombardier Global Express and Challenger aircraft families, as well as on the Dassault Falcon series. Larger business liners can be customised as well.

The exterior of the plane has been coated from tip to tail in carbon fibre and once on board the passengers can enjoy the specially painted winglets each time they look outside.

These planes are stunning, no idea on price although if you have to ask I’m guessing you can’t afford.