Dow Chemical and General Motors Awarded DOE Grants

The United States Department of Energy have issued grants to both Dow Chemial and General Motors for research aimed towards improving advanced manufacturing technologies.

Dow Chemicals have been given $9 million, they will use this money to develop their carbon fibre manufacturing process, GM have been given $2.7 million to further develop a die casting process for it’s vehicle doors which would hopefully cut down the energy used in it’s current manufacturing process by around 50%

The Grants were part of a $54 million fund which went towards 13 projects throughout the United States $17 million of which would be funded through the private sector.

The projects invested in would take at least five to ten years to reach the market, US Sen Debbie Stabenow said the funding was;

Another important indication that we intend to compete and win the global race around advanced manufacturing and advanced energy manufacturing processes.

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