Zyvex Partnership Introduces Worlds first Nano-Enhanced Carbon Fibre Maine Products

Zyvex Marine and Pacific Coast Marine announced a partnership to make the industry’s lightest and most durable doors, hatches, and other marine closures using nano-composites.

Zyvex Marine, the maker of the 54’ boat Piranha that weighs over 3,500 kilos, would have weighed 18,000 kilos with traditional materials, is a leader in watercraft and component manufacturing using carbon nanotube-enhanced carbon fiber materials.
Pacific Coast Marine, specialises in marine closures for almost 30 years worked with Zyvex during the last year to develop doors, hatches and closures for current watercraft produced by Zyvex Marine. Now recognising greater commercial opportunities for lightweight doors and hatches on its boats, Pacific Coast Marine and Zyvex are unveiling a door that weighs 66% less than a traditional door – from 150 pounds to just 50 pounds each – and is more durable.

Pacific Coast Marine used Zyvex Technologies’ nano-enhanced carbon fibre technology called Arovex, which is a carbon nanotube and graphene engineered composite material that uses the proprietary Kentera technology to create chemical bonds on the carbon nanotubes.

Components and samples will debut at the HiPer Craft 2012 Expo in Norfolk, Virginia from June 26-27, booth 117/119.

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