Macedonia Opens first Advanced Composites & Robotics Institute

The President of Macedonia on Wednesday opened the first private institute for Advanced Composites in the Balkans

The Macedonian robotic institute was established back in February of 2009 as part of the research wing at Mikrosam located in Prilep, as of August 1st, 2012, the institute moved into the new state of the art facility.

The institute will be used by Macedonian and foreign MSc and PhD students who completed their undergraduate studies in engineering and math and sciences. This is the only institute in the Balkans that will houses the five core technologies: Civil Aviation, Aerospace technology, Energy, Oil and Gas.

The new building will have 1,500 m2, which will consist of modern laboratory with advanced equipment for composites, including six axis filament winding machine, automated fibre placement machine, prepreg making equipment, slit tape prepreg machine and relevant software solutions. It is intended for MSc and PhD studies for home and foreign students that completed undergraduate studies in engineering and science and mathematics studies.

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