Peugeot ONYX V8 Supercar

Peugeot have released information about its new carbon fibre concept supercar.

The ONYX V8, to be showcased at the Paris Motor Show later in the month is a 600hp 3.7 litre v8 mid-engined diesel hybrid sports car with a carbon fibre chassis.

The flat carbon fibre floor generates downforce reducing the need for additional external wings, brake discs are all carbon composite, breaking will activate a KERS style energy system which will harvest the brake energy giving the car an additional 80hp under acceleration, and if you need to stop in a hurry you have the added security of a rear pop up air brake.

The car has an exposed carbon fibre structure and a transparent engine cover made using composite PolyMethyl MethAcrylate, It’s even decked out with real copper trim, which will purposely age over time.

The interior has been designed simply and finished with rich new materials. Impressively it’s all formed from a jointless pod, creating a cocoon, while still exposing the 12-piece carbon chassis.

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