The New Ferrari F70 Carbon Fibre Chassis

In the middle of the Ferrari stand at this years Paris Motor Show stood this carbon fibre sculpture.

The F1 inspired carbon fibre chassis has been created for the new limited edition F70, the replacement for the Enzo. The chassis uses four different types of carbon-fibre and is hand-laminated then cured in autoclaves following engineering processes which optimise the design by integrating the different components.

The main structure of the chassis is made from T800 carbon with strategic applications of a unidirectional carbon-fibre tape for added reinforcement. To ensure weight was kept to an absolute minimum, the structural underbody and the cross-member are made using another type of particularly high tensile strength carbon-fibre known as M46J.

In critical areas, such as the doors, very tough T1000 was adopted as it is particularly efficient in terms of impact absorption which is why it is used in the nose-cone of the single-seaters. Carbon fibre is combined with Kevlar for the undertray to stop damage from debris thrown up from the road.