Premier Composite Technologies Launch New Divisions

Premier Composite Technologies have announced the launch of a new Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) and Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) division.

In a bid to broaden its offerings to the market, PCT will launch the new market area to appeal to designers who require an alternative solution to building with resin based advanced composites. Instead, GRC and UHPC are cement based composites that offer alternative benefits in terms of performance, appearance and cost parameters.

Hannes Waimer, the Managing Director of Premier Composites said;

This expansion, combined with PCT’s existing technology for engineering and building with advanced composite materials, will allow us to offer a total solutions portfolio to the entire market. Using our 28m, 5-axis milling machine and our 3D design capabilities, we hold a big advantage in being able to manufacture moulds for GRC/UHPC components. Together, these capabilities will leverage our position as a leading industry supplier of high quality, cost effective composite components

GRC is making a significant contribution to technology, economics and aesthetics of the construction industry worldwide. Since its initial introduction in 1970, GRC has developed to become a material that offers freedom to create bespoke designed facades and architectural elements at a lower cost. Using natural raw materials, GRC has a stone or masonry finish with a wide array of shade and colour possibilities and textures ranging from smooth to exposed aggregate finishes.

Using specialist spraying equipment together with advanced moulding processes,thin section GRC elements can be manufactured to complex shapes and profiles and to a high level of dimensional accuracy. The fibres add flexural, tensile and impact strength resulting in a material that is strong, yet lightweight when compared to traditional concrete materials. GRC does not suffer from corrosion of the reinforcement and the addition of matrix modifiers such as acrylic polymers enhance the long term stability and durability of the material.

Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is an advanced composite concrete material offering unparalleled performance. With its high levels of mechanical properties, flexural strength and ductility, it opens up new aesthetic possibilities with the freedom to create contemporary forms and geometric shapes.

UHPC is the perfect material for creating modern slender architectural and sculptural elements. With its unique high flow and self-compacting characteristics, UHPC has the ability to replicate lightweight, mould forms with precise detail and accuracy. Produced from a blend of ultra-fine cement based minerals creating an extremely dense and compact material, UHPC is the ideal for longer spans and slender profiles. With the addition of UV stable pigments a wide range of colours and shades can be achieved.

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