Airbus A350 XWB Makes First Journey on Wheels

Although not a long haul journey the composites clad A350 XWB MS1 flight test vehicle was moved on wheels for the first time out of the main assembly hall and into the adjacent indoor ground test station (Station 30) in Toulouse, France.

The aircraft has successfully completed the main structural assembly and system connection of A350 XWB ‘MSN1’ – the first flight-test aircraft. The assembly work performed in Station 40 included the successful electrical power-on of the aircraft’s entire fuselage and wings. Soon work in Station 30 will start by testing the aircraft’s hydraulic system, followed by the full electric and hydraulic power-on of the aircraft which will be completed by around the end of the year. This will mark the start of several weeks of comprehensive functional system testing.

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After the A350 XWB MSN1 exits station 30, the aircraft will go through a series of extensive production and certification / development tests, be painted and have its engines installed. It will then be delivered to the flight-line and be readied for its first flight in mid-2013.

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