Hexagon Composites Reveals New Global Identity

The Hexagon Group is gathering all its business units under one name: Hexagon. Subsidiaries Ragasco, Lincoln Composites, Hexagon Raufoss and Devold AMT have for several years been a part of the Hexagon Group, the company feels the time has come for a common visual identity.

Starting from the 4th March 2013, Hexagon will emerge as a unified group with Ragasco, Lincoln Composites, Hexagon Raufoss and Devold AMT continuing as strong sub brands in the new identity.

The new visual identity has been based on the group’s previous identity and logo symbol, the hexagon. The solid and distinct hexagon is motivated by the company’s history, unique technology expertise and leading market position.

The Hexagon symbol is made up of lines that form 60 degree angles. This is the way fibre is both knit and wound and provides a reinforcing effect on the composite products we manufacture. This is precisely what makes the symbol so important for our identity.

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