Ansys Acquires Evolutionary Engineering

Ansys have announced the acquisition of Evolutionary Engineering AG, a provider of composite analysis and optimisation technologies.The company will now become Ansys Switzerland, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ansys, Inc.

Headquartered in Zurich, Evolutionary Engineering has 12 employees and has been a partner of ANSYS, offering composite technologies through a product called ANSYS Composite PrepPost.

The increased popularity in using advanced composite materials has fostered the need for new design, analysis and optimisation technology and this acquisition by Ansys has emphasised the high priority they are giving to this technology. Composites pose many challenges for R&D teams that need to identify the appropriate formulation for a required use. To successfully produce layered composites, engineers must define the optimal material formula, which depends on the number of layers involved along with the thickness and relative orientation of each layer.

We are very pleased that our long-standing partner relationship with the EVEN team has resulted in EVEN becoming part of the ANSYS family, composites simulation is a fast growing market with application across multiple industries, broadening our industry knowledge and competencies in this area. The tight coupling of the EVEN products within our platform is highly beneficial, so we look forward to working with the EVEN employees and customers.
Jim Cashman President and CEO of ANSYS

Ansys Composite PrepPost is a processing solution for layered composite materials integrated into the Ansys software portfolio. The product will model the most complex composite structures while, at the same time, fully understand the potential failure of product models. Users can subject product designs to simple physical stresses and compute progressive damage, delamination and cracking. The technology’s post-processing capabilities enable users to conduct in-depth investigations of ultimate product integrity and behavior. Users can view global results or conduct detailed analysis at the level of individual layers.


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