McLellan Jacobs Kayak 1

The stunning Kayak 1 is the creation of New Zealand based designers Jamie McLellan and Andy Jacobs, having designed objects ranging from high end furniture and lighting to high performance sports equipment the pair have teamed up to design and produce luxury marine craft.

At just over 3 metres in length the Kayak 1 is built using low temperature pre-preg carbon fibre by America’s Cup boat builders located in New Zealand, the timber detailing has also been made by the country’s high end furniture maker. In addition to the gloss carbon finish, gold-plated brass fittings and teak timber work, Kayak 1 can be ordered in colours, materials and finishes to suit the buyers requirements.

The Kayak was launched at the Monaco Yacht Show back in September of last year, no prices have been released yet, but i’m betting if you have to ask the price then maybe this isn’t the kayak for you.

Kayak 1 strikes an exquisite balance between contemporary materials, form and traditional nautical styling.


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