EADS Opens New Training & Research Company

TESTIA an EADS company, today officially launched TESTIA Ltd, a new company specialising in Non-Destructive Testing and Training in Aerospace.

The new company, based at the EADS Newport campus in Newport, South Wales, is aimed at meeting the needs of the global aerospace industry by training a new generation of highly skilled young engineers. It expects to be training up to 1,400 students a year within six years. They will achieve National Aerospace Board qualifications in Non Destructive Testing methods and processes, aimed at ensuring the consistent quality and integrity of aerospace industry materials, components and products (the aircraft or spacecraft) during manufacture and operation worldwide.

In partnership with Caparo, a supplier of NDT services and materials testing which will provide existing trained staff in support of the Newport operation, the company will also offer UK NDT Board approved apprenticeships for school leavers. The scheme will comprise both on-site (classroom) and on-the-job (aerospace manufacturing or flight maintenance) training. This will ensure a correct entry point for those who wish to pursue a career as a professional NDT practitioner in Aerospace and create those resources to maintain our product quality levels in the future.

The First Minister Carwyn Jones who was there to launch the company said:

I’m very pleased that with the support of the Welsh Government EADS has been able to further enhance its economic footprint in Wales. TESTIA’s state of the art facility will service all EADS companies worldwide, including Cassidian, one of our key anchor companies.

A £1.4 million investment, with support from the Welsh Government, it is expected to provide 60 new jobs at Newport after five years. As well as trainers and hands-on inspectors these will include high level engineers, available as consultants, capable of expert scrutiny of aircraft and writing NDT processes for the industry.

Denis Gardin, Head of EADS New Technology Ventures and President of TESTIA, said;

Against the background of increased use of composites in aerostructures, more stringent airframe inspection requirements and increasing numbers of aircraft in service, TESTIA provides a global solution in aerospace non destructive inspection, services and R&D.

TESTIA Ltd in Newport will cover all the UK divisions of Airbus, Astrium and Eurocopter plus, the company has a state-of-the-art NDT training and research facility at Newport the complete range of services will be available to all EADS personnel, plus those companies which manufacture and support components into the aerospace industry and those who operate the products worldwide.

In addition, TESTIA will provide apprenticeships, graduate training and internships for those wishing to pursue careers in aerospace NDT. Expert consultancy services will also be available to companies worldwide.