For the first time this roller's wood interior has been replaced with carbon fibre

Rolls Royce Release Carbon Fibre Coupé

At the Dubai motor show starting this week, Rolls Royce will reveal a bespoke carbon fibre clad Phantom Coupé

Named the Chicane edition the car is inspired by the famous turn 7 at the historic Goodwood circuit, this car follows the long line of unique models brought out by the luxury car manufacturer made especially for the Middle East.

Rolls Royce’s traditional interior wood-finish makes way for carbon fibre, alluding to the materials used in modern racing machines. This highly contemporary theme extends to the exterior of the car, with the bonnet and windscreen surround finished in a matte black, complementing the Gunmetal exterior paint.

Hand-crafted details throughout allude to the car’s historic motor racing theme with chequered flag motif stitching to the seats echoed on the exterior with a matching Bespoke coachline. The homage is completed with a metal plaque expressing the car’s name and Goodwood’s famous track layout located discreetly in the glove compartment.