Rolls Royce Tests Composite Fan Systems for New Engine Designs

The Rolls-Royce composite carbon/titanium fan system for the Advance and UltraFan engine designs has undergone its most recent phase of testing at the company’s outdoor jet engine test facility in Mississippi.

Opened in 2007, and expanded in 2013, the Rolls-Royce Outdoor Jet Engine Testing Facility at Stennis is one of three test sites the company own around the world. The facility conducts specialist development engine testing including noise, crosswind, thrust reverse, cyclic and endurance testing on all current Rolls-Royce large engine types and employs nearly 50 people at the facility.

The fan system successfully completed crosswind testing using a Trent 1000 Advanced Low Pressure System technology engine. Confirmation of the new fan design performance will enable the programme to move on to the next phase of demonstration, which includes flight testing.

The fan system includes carbon/titanium fan blades and a composite casing that reduce weight by up to 1,500lb per aircraft, the equivalent of carrying seven more passengers at no cost. The engine design will also offer at least 20% less fuel burn and CO₂ emissions than the first generation of Trent engine.