Get Your Own Personal Carbon Fibre Drone

Marketed as the worlds first all carbon fibre personal drone, the Carbon Flyer is controlled via bluetooth with your iPhone or Android device. The flyers onboard video camera allows you to capture aerial footage onto a micro SD card at 640×480 resolution, to download and share later.

The drone will stay connected to your phone up to 80 yards, almost the length of a football field and more than enough for such a small plane. Steer by tilting your smartphone left or right, and throttle by sliding your thumb up and down. Receive real-time battery life and signal strength indication.

The flyers airframe has been created from carbon fibre. The weakest point in the Carbon Flyer’s airframe is the epoxy bonds connecting the wings to the fuselage. In order to make the plane crash proof, the team worked carbon nanotech company OCSiAI, to develop a nanotube enhanced adhesive. Each of the flyers will have around 100,000,000,000,000,000 nanotubes making the epoxy bonds stronger than steel welds.

If you wanted to pick up one of these tough little drones prices start from $89, the drone has been in development for over 18 months and has almost reached its funding goal of $50,000 on Indiegogo.