Year: 2015


Toray Expanding Carbon Fiber Prepreg Business in Europe

Toray has announced its acquire 55% of outstanding shares of Italian prepreg manufacturer Delta Tech S.p.A. Delta Group is engaged…

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New Cellulose Nanocomposites Could Replace Kevlar

A class of biological materials found within numerous natural systems, most notably trees, cellulose nanocrystals have captured researchers’ attention for…

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New Project Looks to Mature Over-Moulding Process

TPRC, its members and a number of further companies have established a research consortium for maturing the over-moulding process of…

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NASA Improves Orion Heat Shield for Its First Flight

Engineers building NASA’s Orion are making manufacturing improvements for the spacecraft ahead of its missions to deep space destinations near…

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Dell to use recycled carbon fibre in its Computers

Dell has announced plans to increase the amount of recycled materials that’s used to manufacture including excess carbon fibre. Dell…

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Green Composites

Blackbird Release New Natural Composites Guitar

California-based instrument company Blackbird has launched a guitar made of flax linen fabric. The guitar named ‘el capitan’ has been…

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