Mitsubishi to Combine Carbon Fibre Operations

Mitsubishi aims to integrate its carbon fibre-related operations, currently run separately with the groups other divisions, within the year.

According to multiple Asian news sources the company want to better utilise its advantages in carbon fibres for use in advanced technology markets, such as offshore pipes and components for satellites.

The company plans to integrate the carbon fibre business of subsidiary Mitsubishi Plastics, who manufacture heat-resistant carbon products into Mitsubishi Rayon, currently one of the largest producers of carbon in the world.

Industry insiders say that Mitsubishi is playing a bit of catch up with the other top manufacturers, in the last few years. Both Toray and Teijin have secured close ties with major aerospace and automotive manufacturers, while newcomers in other countries, such as South Korea have also improved their technological capabilities.

Its hoped that this integration of businesses will better utilise the company’s capabilities, increasing the flow of knowledge and innovation between both research and development teams.