Prodrive Secures More than £5 Million in New Composites Business

Prodrive Composites has announced its won projects worth more than £5 million to work on four new British sports cars.

With new manufacturing processes driving down the costs of producing carbon composite parts, manufacturers are starting to specify them even more on mid ranged sports cars. Prodrive will supply a range of composite components to 3 different UK-based car manufacturers.

Components being manufactured for each sports car include carbon aero packs with rear wings, diffusers and front splitters, along with further exterior trim parts such as bonnet vents and sills. Several of these components will be made using Prodrive’s patented TPP injection process which was introduced in 2014.

Dominic Cartwright, Prodrive Composites managing director said;

Carbon composites used to only be the domain of exotic super cars, but new manufacturing processes are bringing down their cost and we are increasingly being asked to quote for parts on sports cars and mid-priced luxury cars.

Prodrive Composites is already manufacturing the composite bodywork and interior for a British super car as part of an ongoing £20 million contract, as well as a number of projects in the marine, aerospace and space industries. These contracts have seen the company increase its workforce from 70 to nearly 180 in just the last 18 months.