Aston Martin to Hit the Waves with New Composite Powerboat

The AM37 is Aston Martins luxury, high performance powerboat and is set to become the first in a range of watercraft.

Aston Martin has partnered with Quintessence yachts to create the 37 foot vessel and features a high-tech carbon fibre composite structure. The AM37 will be available in two models, a classic “gran truism” powerboat and will feature a top speed of around 44 knots, while the AM37 S will reach 52 knots and will be optimised to give a full on sports experience.


Inside, the cabin will be a mixture of sculptured wood and hand stitched leather, the high tech dash will have a HD interactive touch screen monitor and will support interactive voice controls.


The yacht’s design is still yet to be fully unveiled and is scheduled to debut at the Monaco Yacht Show in September.