Pagani Launches Lighter, Faster Huayra BC

The new BC drops down to 1,218kg which makes it over 130kgs lighter than its brother and the lightest of any of its hybrid supercar rivals. along with the drop in belt size the car also packs more punch with Pagani squeezing another 60 horsepower out of the twin-turbo 6 litre V12 .

Pagani say that its new BC has a new 7-speed automated manual transmission developed and manufactured by Xtrac. The new system features a new electro-hydraulic actuation system and new carbon fibre synchronisers, designed to increase the precision of gear engagement and further reduce gearshift times. The clutch control program has also been heavily revised, allowing greater accuracy, despite the increased torque of the engine.

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Also new for the BC is the electronic rear differential, new tripod axle drive shafts, bespoke forged aluminium suspension components including new uprights, a titanium exhaust, a new wing at the back and splitter at the front, all new body panels short of the roof and a track mode for the traction control.

CarScoops is reporting that “Pagani has developed an entirely new composite material for the Huayra BC which it says is 50 per cent lighter and 20 per cent stronger than carbon fibre,” but no information has been provided by Pagani on this new composite material as of yet with their own press release states that the car still uses its carbotanium monocoque with tubular steel front and rear subframes.

Rumours on a price tag say that the car will go for €2.35 million, or about $2.6 USD, with only 20 being made.