Aston Martin Hints at F1 Composite Technology for Vanquish

British luxury brand Aston Martin and F1 team Red Bull Racing has announced a partnership that sees Red Bull Racing’s Chief Technical Officer, Adrian Newey and Aston Martin’s Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman collaborate to produce a ground-breaking Aston Martin hyper car.

Codenamed Project ‘AM-RB 001’, the new hyper car will represent the ultimate blend of cutting edge F1 technology with Aston Martin’s signature sports car design. Combining the strongest elements of Red Bull Racing, Red Bull Advanced Technologies and Aston Martin, this new Innovation Partnership unites some of the best aerodynamicists, composite experts and manufacturing masters.

Speaking with Drive before the Australian Grand Prix, Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer revealed that the new partnership with Red Bull Racing, will influence the design of all future Aston Martin road cars, including the new Vanquish, scheduled for launch after the new hyper car arrives in 2018.

Some of the technologies we are developing with Red Bull Technologies and Adrian Newey will undoubtedly flow through to the next Vanquish, It is at a sufficiently high price point where it can absorb some of these technologies—not all, but I am particularly interested in structural carbon fibre and KERS type technology that you could easily see working in that car.

While he has yet to reveal a price for the AM-RB 001 (it is predicted to sell for around $5million), Palmer expects that a portion of them will never be driven with collectors set to store or display them.

Aston Martin plans to launch at least one all-new model and two special edition offerings every year. Next year is predicted to mark the arrival of the new Vantage, which is expected to draw elements from the DB10 sports car developed for the James Bond Spectre movie.