Dymag & BAC Shows off New Composite Wheels

The new 17-inch wheels are an advanced carbon composite construction and are made by Dymag, the high-performance wheel manufacturer. The rim, which features soft curved corners to aid strength, is made of carbon composite to lower the rotational weight of the wheel.

The spokes, where stiffness is a crucial requirement, are crafted from a solid billet of aluminium, while the wheel is secured to the car with five pairs of titanium bolts, adding further strength and lightness.

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Along with adding to the dynamic and purposeful look of the Mono, the new wheels boost the car’s handling and performance due to being notably lighter than the standard wheels. The total weight saving on the front axle is 23.5%, where the 7.5-inch by 17-inch wheels weigh 5.7kg each. The 9-inch-wide rear wheels each weigh 6.0kg, despite being half an inch wider than the standard rims, amounting to an overall 22.9% reduction in weight on the axle.

The wheels cost £9950 when chosen as an optional upgrade on a new Mono. They can also be fitted to existing cars, and cost £12,500 for those that want to make the upgrade on their current car. The new carbon wheels for the BAC Mono are available to order now for delivery in July 2016.