Month: September 2019


Lightweight, Recyclable Composite Material Developed for Injection Moulded Components

Fraunhofer IWM, MicroTribology Centrum µTC, together with the Freiburg Materials Research Centre and the polyolefin manufacturer LyondellBasell, have now produced…

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The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS

Mercedes showcases its vision for the future of its S-Class

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Business News

GKN Aerospace to cut 1,000 Jobs Worldwide

GKN Aerospace is set to axe 1,000 jobs worldwide as part of a restructuring plan that pre-dates its £8bn takeover…

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Composites TV

Carbon Fibre Hypercar Breaks Through 300mph Barrier

A pre-production vehicle of a Bugatti Chiron SuperSport 300+ is the first hyper sports car to break the magic 300-mile-per-hour…

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Volocopter raises $55 million to get flying taxis off the ground

Volocopter has announced it signed the first closing of its Series C funding round, which is being led by Zhejiang…

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Rubato take centre stage with their new carbon fibre guitar

The company, founded by Father and son engineering team Roger and Oliver Lambson have created the Rubato Lassie a sleek…

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