Despatch Gets Orders for Chinese Carbon Fibre Production

Despatch Industries, a supplier of thermal process technologies for carbon fiber production, announces that the company has recently been awarded several orders for carbon fiber oxidation ovens from multiple Chinese companies.

The orders are for production-scale oxidation ovens featuring Despatch’s proven center-to-ends airflow and the company’s new Atmosphere Control, Energy Reduction (ACER) Technology.

As the carbon fiber market is growing and becoming more active in China, we are seeing a strong increase in interest from Chinese manufacturers. These companies are looking to Despatch for a partner they can trust to provide advanced equipment with superior performance and technology,” states Ken Defiel, Global Carbon Fiber Sales Manager. “We are excited for the opportunity to work with these new customers and further explore the potential of this growing market in China.

Oxidation is a critical step in the production of carbon fiber and Despatch provides the world’s leading oxidation technology. Despatch oxidation ovens feature patented, center-to-ends airflow that creates consistent process conditions with uniform temperatures in the working zones to ensure uniform, oxidized density fiber and higher yields by as much as thirty percent. The new oxidation oven equipment orders will also include Despatch’s latest innovation, Atmosphere Control Energy Reduction Technology. ACER Technology is a new air management system that Despatch developed which provides users with significant reductions in energy consumption, reduced tar contamination and improved fiber quality.