Jetman Achieves World First with Carbon Fibre Jetpack

Jetman pilot Vince Reffet successfully launched into the air from the runway of Skydive Dubai and flew up to 5,900 feet.

Reffet was equipped with a carbon fibre wing powered by four mini jet engines. Controlled by the human body, the equipment enables the Jetman to reach speeds of 250mph, as well as hovering, changing direction and performing loops.

After becoming airborne, Reffet hovered five metres above the waters of the Arabian Gulf for 100 seconds. Having demonstrated his full control of the flight by performing stops, turns and backward moves, he landed smoothly back onto the Skydive Dubai runway. 

Reffet then took off again and headed south towards Jumeirah Beach Residence, building speed and height. Travelling at an average speed of 149mph, he climbed 330 feet in the air in eight seconds, 660 feet in 12 seconds, 1,640 feet in 19 seconds and 3,300 feet in 30 seconds. 

At the end of his three-minute flight, Reffet performed a roll and a loop at 5,900 feet, before opening his parachute and landing back at Skydive Dubai. 

Previously, Jetmen have launched into the air by leaping downwards off elevated platforms such as a helicopter in flight. This is the first time that a Jetman pilot has combined hovering safely at a low altitude and flying aerobatics at a high altitude in the same flight.