Martin Jetpack hits 5,000 feet milestone

Martin Jetpack, the Carbon Kevlar made Jetpack shot into the sky over the Canterbury Plains at a climb rate of 800ft per minute, reaching an altitude of 5,000ft breaking the previous record.

Over the weekend Glenn Martins flying machine climbed 5,000 feet above sea level setting a new marker in the 30 year project costing $12 million dollars. The unmanned flight which was remotely controlled by a helicopter powered itself skyward at around 800 feet per minute before safely parachuting back down to earth.

The machine did sustain some minor damage during the 10 min flight however Martin seems confident that the latest test “brings the future another step closer” His is hoping that he can bring the jetpack to customers within the next 18 months which should give you plenty of time to save up the $86,000 to get one.