Web Industries Launches New Composites Automation Development Center

Web Industries, a custom manufacturing and development services for flexible materials, has opened a new Composites Automation Development Centre in Atlanta, Georgia

The 10,000 sq. ft. development environment will help Web Industries customers from around the world test new and emerging carbon fibre composite materials for qualification and use in the automated fiber placement manufacturing process. At the Centre, engineers will be able to work with Web Industries to complete performance, process-ability, durability, and fit-for-use assessments on pre-preg carbon fiber composite precision tapes.

We are seeing an increasing acceptance and use of these next-generation composite materials in aerospace, industrial, automotive, and wind energy applications. The Web Industries Development Center for Composites Automation is the first testing and development facility fully dedicated to helping raw material suppliers, fabricators and prime aircraft manufacturers leverage these new materials in automated manufacturing, we are proud to offer this valuable resource to the entire composites industry.

said Donald Romine, President & CEO of Web Industries.

In addition to investing in processing technology and laboratory facilities, Web Industries has also ensured that visitors to the centre will have all of the amenities needed to be comfortable and productive for extended periods of time. This includes engineering offices, visitor conference rooms, visitor office space, and wireless access.

This center represents years of innovation, knowledge, and investment in this market. And, with the most advanced systems and technology in the world for processing and creating precision slit tape with composite materials, Web is uniquely positioned to help market leaders gather important information about next-generation composite materials being developed for future programs

said Donald Romine, President & CEO of Web Industries.

To learn more information about the Web Industries Development Center for Composites Automation, or to schedule an appointment at the center, you can follow this link