Hexcel Commissions two new Carbon Fibre Production Lines

Hexcel held a dedication ceremony at its manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City to commission two new carbon fibre production lines.

The dedication ceremony was attended by state and local dignitaries including the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the Economic Development Corporation of Utah, and West Valley City Economic Development Division.

The two new carbon fibre production lines are part of an ongoing expansion at the Utah site, where Hexcel also manufactures carbon fibre/epoxy composite materials known as prepreg. The expansion increases Hexcel’s global carbon fibre output to 16 million pounds of nameplate capacity. The new carbon fibre lines are part of an ongoing multi-million dollar capacity expansion that will initially add up to 50 new jobs and by 2015 could add several hundred more new positions. In addition, the ongoing construction will continue to provide employment to numerous contractors and many local firms.

Hexcel’s carbon fibre and prepregs are used predominantly by the aerospace industry to manufacture commercial and military airframe and engine structures, helicopters, and satellites. The capacity expansion at Hexcel is necessary to keep up with the increasing demand for carbon fibre composites on new and growing aircraft platforms such as the Airbus A350 XWB, A380, and A320 as well as the Boeing 747-8, 777, 737, and 787.

At the Dedication Ceremony Site Manager John Brock said:

I wish to thank all of our guests here today including the local and state officials that have provided so much support. Above all I wish to thank our Hexcel employees for their unstinting commitment and dedication to the job of bringing these two new carbon fibre lines through construction and commissioning with such safety, efficiency and diligence. I’m proud to be part of such a great team.