TenCate Advanced Composites grows Morgan Hill CA site

TenCate Advanced Compositesin Morgan Hill, California, expands into adjacent facility.

The New space will encompass thermoplastic composites manufacturing, R&D labs and office space. TenCate produces mainly thermoplastic and thermoset composites to the aerospace industry. There is a growing demand for durable lightweight composites, both from the traditional composites markets and other industrial sectors.

The expanded facility represents an important addition to the thermoplastic composite manufacturing capabilities of TenCate. Joe Morris, President at TenCate Advanced Composites North America said;

This additional facility will provide the needed space for growth of TenCate in the composites market while allowing flexibility for continued expansion in thermoplastic composite manufacturing.

TenCate will maintain its current Morgan Hill thermoset manufacturing and corporate offices. The adjacent facility in Morgan Hill CA will be specifically focused on thermoplastic composite manufacturing and research and development.

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