Taekwang Industrial to Start Production of Carbon Fibre

Taekwang Industrial Co a chemical fibre company in South Korea has announced that it will begin commercial production of carbon fibre starting in March 2012 for the first time in South Korea.

The company developed the polyacrylonitrile based carbon fibre in 2009 and has commenced construction for the high-end material in the Ulsan industrial complex on the southeastern coast of the country.

The plant will start operations in March 2012 with an annual capacity of 1,500 tons of carbon fibres and 3,000 tons of precursors, the key basic building material for polyacrylonitrile based carbon fibre.

Taekwang Industrial has injected 150 billion won (US$129.4 million) into the development and the plant.

South Korea currently imports the 2,400 tons of carbon fibre from companies in Japan and the United States however Taekwang Industrial are expected to replace imported carbon fibre in the local market.

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