Formax continues expansion with new machines and fabrics

Formax will commission a new Karl Mayer 100” Glass Malitronic machine.

This investment will increase the company’s glass capacity by 25% and support the continued growth of FORMAX’s Wind Energy and Marine markets. The machine will begin production in March 2012.

Also Formax have also announced the launch of two new exclusive materials, a +/-45 Pitch Fibre Biaxials and a +/-30 Lightweight Carbon Multiaxials

The new range of high modulus +/-45 biaxials based on Mitsubishi’s Dialead® fibres, they have converted the high performance pitch fibre to create +/-45 biaxials that offer up to four to five times the stiffness of traditional pan fibre based biaxials. In addition, Pitch fibres offer very low levels of thermal expansion.

Consequently, the Pitch Fibre Biaxials are suitable for any application demanding ultra high modulus, or high levels of thermal stability.

Also the +/-30 Lightweight Carbon Multiaxials has been developed through the commission of the Karl Mayer Carbon Malitronic™ machine that the company installed last year. Available in a range of weights from 75gsm per ply, the new +/-30 is unique to Formax and works at a shallower angle enabling greater longitudinal stiffness. This robust fabric is perfectly suited to long, thin structures such as ski’s, snowboards, surfboards and wings.

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