Scott Bader Expands Production Capacity

Scott Bader Europe has recently made more investments to expand the gelcoats and adhesives capacity in their UK and French plants.

Two new mixers have been installed in Scott Bader’s UK and France plants to increase production capacity of Crystic gelcoats and Crestabond MMA structural adhesive ranges.

The new mixer in the Wollaston, UK plant is designed for the production of their Crestabond range of primerless methyl methacrylate structural adhesives, which were launched back in 2010.

In Amiens, France, an additional large volume gelcoat mixer has been installed. The new mixer has provided extra production capacity for the range of Crystic gelcoats produced on the site. Scott Bader France handles orders, not only from French gelcoat customers, but also from Spain, Germany and other parts of mainland Europe. The additional mixer has enabled the Amiens production team to reduce lead times.

This significant capital equipment investment of over €1M by Scott Bader in a difficult and uncertain trading climate is in response to both the growth in customer demand for their specialty Crystic products and a continued long term commitment by the Company to the composites industry. Malcolm Forsyth, Commercial Director of the European Composites Business, commented:

This major investment in additional state of the art mixing equipment for two of our key speciality product lines confirms our intention to be a major player in the European and global adhesives and gelcoat markets. It is great news for our customers, guaranteeing both the high product quality our customers rightly expect of Crystic products and the short lead time they need to confidently plan their production requirements cost effectively.

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