Scott Bader To Increases prices in Europe

Effective from the 6th February 2012, Scott Bader Europe is to increase prices

The products affected by this price increase include the Crystic polyester, DCPD based and Vinyl ester resins (VER) which will rise by 100€/te. Crystic gelcoats, Crestapol resins and Crestomer adhesives will also increase by 100€/te. Pigmented gelcoats and resins will increase by a minimum of 120€/te with pigment pastes increasing by a minimum of 150€/te. New prices will be applied to orders invoiced or delivered on or after this date subject to existing customer contracts.   

This price increase is in response to continued rises in the costs of key oil based feedstock raw materials required for the manufacture of (UPR) resins, plus further rises in titanium dioxide.

Bob Garner, European Sales Manager for Scott Bader Composites Europe stated:

Our business has been forced to absorb higher raw material costs as a consequence of higher crude values and tight supply of key raw materials. Regrettably we have little option but to increase prices in February given these circumstances if we are to continue investing in development and maintaining leading technology advances our customers demand. Current forecast spot and contract rates suggest a firming or even escalation of raw material rates in Qtr 1 of 2012, which may result in additional increases

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