Owens Corning Sells Twintex to FGI

Owens Corning have announced that it has sold its Twintex reinforcement technology to Fiber Glass Industries.

The producer of glass fiber reinforcements for composite systems, announced it has reached an agreement with Fiber Glass Industries (FGI) to sell its global Twintex reinforcements rovings intellectual property rights and business portfolio.

Twintex is a unique and ready-to-use thermoplastics glass reinforcemnt designed for high mechanical properties, such as excellent stiffness/weight ratio and superior impact properties. Twintex also provides with efficient and environmental friendly process conditions, high freedom of design and is recyclable. Twintex products are made of commingled High Performance Glass and thermoplastic filaments. Direct Roving is the base material for the whole Twintex product line, and can be provided with Polypropylene Matrix (PP) and most recently with polyester Resin (PET)

FGI currently licenses the Twintex intellectual property from Owens Corning to produce its GLASS POLYPRO roving and fabrics in the U.S. With this purchase, FGI will acquire the existing portfolio of customers, the rights to the Twintex intellectual property globally, application knowledge and the rights to the Twintex trademark

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