Prodrive and Qatar AG Agree Partnership

Qatar Automotive Gateway and Prodrive have signed agreement to establish a strategic partnership in the Carbon Fibre Composite Industry.

Qatar AG aims to build a hub for the automotive technology of the future in Qatar and signing this partnership with prodrive is first milestone in the plans for development of carbon fibre composite parts to the rest of the world

Ghanim Bin Saad Al Saad, Chairman of Qatar Ag stated:

We’re very pleased to be in partnership with a prestigious global leader such as Prodrive and to be part of the International Qatar Motor Show which is kick-starting this year with the futuristic theme of new transportation solutions. This is truly a perfect platform for us at Qatar AG to announce this MoU which represents our first milestone in our aim to build and develop a cutting-edge automotive industry value chain in Qatar and turn the country into an international hub for the technologies of the future by 2020 by investing in the manufacturing of innovative automotive components which are witnessing increasing demand worldwide. We firmly believe that Qatar AG will help foster the growth of a diversified socioeconomic system in Qatar and one which relies on a knowledge-based industry and create valuable job opportunities for Qatar’s youth. We are also confident in the path we are following to place our nation on the world’s automotive production map of the future.

As we know Carbon fibre composites are just starting to play an important role in the automotive industry, Traditionally used in the automotive industry in high-value, performance vehicles, the emergence of new materials and production technologies are paving the way to a far broader range of usage. Lots of leading global automotive companies such as BMW, General Motors etc… are now pursuing long-term strategies for the use of these materials in mainstream automotive production and initially in electric cars.

The properties of the Carbon fibre provide a cost-effective method to significantly reduce the mass of finished products, thereby making a substantial contribution to improvements in fuel efficiency, range (in the case of electric vehicles) and a consequent reduction in emissions. With increasingly challenging targets for emissions internationally, carbon fibre composites provide manufacturers with a newtool for achieving their environmental objectives.

Most recently, carbon fibre composite materials have been introduced on a larger scale in aerospace and specifically into the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A380. This aircraft features the products in its fuselage, wings and cabin, contributing, amongst other benefits, to a significant reduction in the weight of the aircraft versus traditional construction.

Clive Scrivener, Chief Operating Officer of Prodrive added:

Prodrive is delighted to enter into this MOU with Qatar Ag, who have demonstrated a deep understanding and long-term commitment to build a leading position in the market for high-technology lightweight materials. Prodrive has developed and produced carbon composite products for 20 years, through our automotive and Motorsport activities. Our current carbon composite business in the UK, which represents a key element of our global portfolio of Group activities, is already a leading supplier to numerous high-profile vehicle manufacturers and demand continues to grow. We look forward to working closely with Qatar Ag to build a long-term partnership and to provide a high-quality, and economic supply route to our customers in all industry sectors

The new technologies and techniques to produce cost-effective carbon fibre composite parts are complementing the traditional methods of production and enabling a broader range of applications for the material to be accessible to manufacturers. These techniques will come into large-scale production over the coming years enabling an exponential change in volumes for the industry.

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