3A Composites Launch New Core Materials

3A Composites launches new Airex and Baltek core materials offering significant weight and cost savings for infused sandwich applications.

The company has developed a new sealing technology which reduces the resin uptake of infused core material. While this reduction is above 50% for their Airex T90 and T92 cores, it is reported to be above 80% for their Baltek SB and SBC balsa cores. Depending on sandwich design, resin uptake can constitute around 15% up to 40% of the infused core materials’ total costs.

This resin saving not only reduces the cost but also the weight, with the new materials PET-cored sandwiches can now become lighter than PVC solutions.

3A Composites will launch the Airex T92 SealX and T90 SealX at JEC in Paris, while the Baltek SealX will be presented as a technology platform.

Along with these new products 3A Composites will also launch a new low-density PET core material targeted at weight and cost-sensitive applications. It is ideally suited for marine applications and meets DNV requirements for boat decks and superstructures.

Philipp Angst, Director of Product Management at 3A Composites Core Materials, says:

We have a compelling package of value-adding product solutions and services for our target markets, and we are particularly excited to launch our break-through SealX technology, bringing balsa and PET core materials to a new dimension.

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