Caterham Composites Expands in the UK and Germany

Caterham Composites, the composite design and engineering specialist arm of the Caterham Group has confirmed that it will be expanding its operational bases in Germany and the UK in order to meet the large number of projects they have undertaken in recent months.

After the first few months in operation Caterham Composites is now moving to new office facilities nicknamed the ‘loft’ in Hürth, Germany as well as expanding its manufacturing facilities in Hingham, UK.

Mike Gascoyne, Caterham Group Chief Technical Officer said

These are very exciting times for Caterham Composites and the move to the Loft in Germany, in concert with the expansion of our manufacturing capacity in Hingham, is proof that we are on the right track. We are already working on some very interesting projects, for example with Alex Thomson Racing, our first partnership in the marine industry, and in January 2012 we entered a strategic partnership with Altair Engineering GmbH. This is a unique partnership and enables us to streamline the critical exchange between design and simulation, empowering each company’s clients with innovative, high-end quality solutions.”

Aside from the expansion the company has also made investments in computer aided design, simulation and manufacturing technology which will help Caterham monitor traceability analysis, nesting and maximising material usage.

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