Momentive to Open Advanced Applications Development Centre in Germany

Momentive have announced the start-up of its Transportation Research and Application Centre in Duisburg, Germany. The researchers will develop and test custom lightweight structural composite solutions for clients in the automotive, aerospace and mass transportation markets.

The new Transportation Research and Application Centre will be sited at Momentive’s Duisburg plant, already an epoxy production and R&D facility which develops new formulations for a range of end uses. The availability of fast-reacting formulations now allows slow Resin Transfer Moulding processes to be replaced with fast-moulding methods. Driving down cycle times for composite components can minimise times for automotive applications. The new lab will house a dosing/injection unit and press from Cannon, specifically engineered for the rapid production of small-batch epoxy composite test components.

The Centre’s main applications technology equipment will be installed by the end of March and the centre is expected to be fully operational in its first phase by April or May.

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