Poliya Begins Resin & Gelcoat Production in Italy and signs deal with Azelis

Poliya has agreed a partnership deal with Novaresine of Italy to offer wide range of composite resins and gelcoats to the European market.

Poliya have announced that it’s signed a partnership and manufacturing agreement with Novaresine. According to the agreement starting in April 2012, Novaresine will produce Poliya brand products in Northern Italy production plants, which was previously operated by Hexion Specialty Chemicals.

This partnership will allow Poliya to provide Central and Eastern Europe customised polyester resins and custom coloured gelcoats with lower lead times costs.

The company have also announced a distribution deal with Azelis Italia to supply Polipol composites resins and Polijel gelcoats manufactured in Turkey through the Azelis distribution network.

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