Tag Heur Link Carbon Fibre Smart Phones

Both of the two models in the Racing Carbon Collection feature carbon fibre used in sports cars – flanking the main touch screen and covering the rear battery cover and camera plate.

The Racing Carbon model contrasts black with polished, stainless steel detailing in the screws, for example, alongside powerful parallel lines of red stitching upon the larger black alligator cover, with a distinctive soft-touch finish recalling the finest rubber of a racing vehicle. The light gold racing model is  a contrast of black and rose gold detailing, such as rose gold bezels secured with black screws. Its black alligator backing features a mat finish.

These smart phones from Tag Heur weigh in at around 200 grams and run Android 2.2, the talk time is around 6 hours with a standby time of around 14 days. If you want one of these phones then be prepared to stump up just under €8,000

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via: timezone.com