Aero Vodochody Opens new Composite Shop

AERO Vodochody, Czech Republic’s largest aircraft manufacturer have opened a new shop for components made of composite materials. Aero Vodochody believes the larger workspace will bring new production capacity and attract new customers.

The new facility is the biggest aviation composite shop in the Czech Republic and required an investment of 105 million CZK which was supported by the European Union. The investment group Penta, 100% owner of Aero Vodochody has committed to long term investments with Aero and sees big potentials in the aviation industry.

Aero has more than twenty years of experience with processing composite materials. Up until now their has been one composite shop in AERO Vodochody until now, Aero is moving production out of its subsidiary company, Rotortech Aero Composites based in the UK.

AERO Vodochody have been manufacturing aircraft and aircraft components since 1919. For most of its history Aero focused on the production of training aircraft, however since 2000 it began to focus more on international cooperation programmes. The main partners of AERO Vodochody are Sikorsky Aircraft, Embraer, SONACA or Czech army.

Aero secured the contract for manufacturing all cabin doors, cargo ramp, rear fuselage and manufacturing and development of fixed leading edge for military transport aircraft KC-390 of Brazilian company Embraer. It also delivered the first cockpits for the Black Hawk helicopter. In June, Aero cofounded the Confederation of the Czech Aviation Industry to improve competitiveness of the Czech aviation industry and attract new businesses.

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