NASA Funding RCBI Composites Project

NASA has awarded the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing a grant to help fund a $20,000 Composites Technology Outreach Project.

The mission of the new project is to increase public awareness of Composites especially amongst younger people.

Charlotte Weber, RCBI Director & CEO said;

It is difficult to find an industry in the 21st Century that is not touched by composites materials, Composites technology is particularly booming in the aviation and aerospace industries, where light-weight, high-strength composites are used to reduce weight and improve the efficiency of aircraft and spacecraft.

Plans for the project call for RCBI to conduct a Composites Technology Conference and Demonstration, facilitate Composites Technology webinars, assist in the development of Composites Technology workshops, promote professional development for K-12 STEM educators and initiate a K-12 outreach effort using Composites Technology centered lesson plans, learning materials and hands-on experiments.

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