Rock West Composites Opens New Precision Assembly Division

Rock West Composites have announced the opening of a new Precision Assembly Division at its West Jordan facility in Utah. The new division is dedicated to manufacturing precision composite components

The expansion will be a precision aerospace assembly division and will cater to well-established prime aerospace contractors in Utah and around the country. The main aim of the new division is to provide high quality products to rival the cheaper products that are manufactured outside of the United States.

Rock West Composites uses specialised manufacturing techniques to produce the best stock and custom composite tubing solution for their customers. Rock West also supplies complex bladder moulded and closed mould out of autoclave composite parts. Working with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) Rock West have created a tax incentive solution that will support the new assembly division and will create nearly 100 new jobs.

Spencer Eccles, executive director of GOED said;

We are pleased by the immediate and positive market response, to Rock West’s announcement, from other leading aerospace and defense manufacturers and contractors in Utah, Rock West will be a welcome contributor to the state’s powerful Aerospace and Defense economic cluster not only because of their well-paid, highly skilled jobs, but because their commitment to superior quality craftsmanship. That Rock West will offer a fully domestic manufacturing alternative for the cluster also helps to ensure the State’s economic vitality for years to come.

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