SGL Group Acquire a Further 10.8% Stake in Fisipe

SGL Group have completed the acquisition of a 10.8% stake in the listed Portuguese company Fisipefrom the previous shareholder, Quimifértil

As a result SGL Group now holds a 97% stake in the company. The transaction was approved by the Portuguese securities commission. The fact that SGL Group now holds a 97% stake means that the conditions for a squeeze-out procedure have now been achieved. Once the takeovers are complete, Fisipe will be wholly-owned by SGL Group.

In April 2012, SGL Group completed the acquisition of an 86% stake in the listed Portuguese company Fisipe from the previous major shareholder Negofor. The purchase price amounted to around €25 million and is one of the benchmarks applied by the authorities with respect to the compulsory offer. With this transaction, SGL Group is expanding its production network for the supply of raw materials for carbon fibre production to include an additional production facility for precursors.

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