Cytec Collaborates with Jaguar Land Rover To Develop Cost-Effective Composites

Cytec have announced plans to enter into a strategic collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover to develop designs, materials and manufacturing concepts for the cost effective use of composite materials for automotive structures.

Aligned with Cytec’s strategic plan to grow its presence in high performance industrial markets, Shane Fleming, Cytec Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer said;

We are excited about this opportunity to develop composite materials for high-volume serial automotive vehicles and are pleased to partner in this initiative with Jaguar Land Rover, which is known for its excellence in technological and design innovations.

There are substantial growth opportunities in the automotive market, including demonstrated demand for cost-effective, composite materials suitable for high-volume production. The use of carbon fiber-based structural composites will play an instrumental role in reducing vehicle weight and greatly lowering CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Recent developments in the manufacturing processes surrounding composite mass production particularly in the aerospace sector have increased composite usage by up to 10% and this year we have seen the larger automotive producers aligning themselves with carbon fibre manufactures to find ways to bring mass produce composite products.

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