Meggitt Secures New $129 Millon Contract With Sikorsky Aircraft

Meggitt have been awarded a five year agreement from Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation for the specialist manufacture of fuel tanks, ice protection equipment, composites and interiors.

Meggitt’s Polymers and Composites Division manufactures seals for oil platforms and aircraft as well as flexible fuel tanks and coatings. The composites that makes up the smart ice protection system range from simple monolithic components to complex hybrid sandwich structures using resin systems that can operate at over 200ºC, These are then embedded with resistive heater elements and electronic control and protection equipment.

Covering all Sikorsky’s production military rotorcraft, including the BLACK HAWK helicopter, the contract is valued at up to $129 million and will be manufactured in Meggitt’s polymers and composites facility in Rockmart, Georgia, USA, deliveries under the new contract will start in 2013.

John Skubina, Deputy President, Meggitt Polymers & Composites, commented:

This win reflects the Rockmart plant’s world-class delivery and quality record, and we look forward to maintaining this high performance for the duration of this agreement and beyond.

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