Scott Bader Increasing Prices in Europe

Scott Bader in Europe have announced a price increase for its Crystic range of unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, DCPD as well as all other manufactured composite products.

The price is set to increase by €75 per tonne and will go into effect from the 17th of September 2012, subject to existing customer contracts.

Scott Bader say the price increase is necessary following recent raw material volatility and upward pressure on materials driven by higher crude oil prices which leads to high feed materials costs such as Benzene, Styrene, Ethylene and Propylene. Bob Garner, European Sales Manager for Scott Bader Composites Europe stated:

Scott Bader realises the fragile market conditions and the impact of additional price increases to our customers, but we are unable to absorb further costs and are forced to pass on these additional increases. Our Sales managers will be in contact with customers to agree implementation and where possible identify alternative savings

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