Euroresins To Sell BASF Epoxy Resin Systems in Europe

Euroresins have teamed up with BASF to distribute the Baxxodur epoxy systems for composite materials in Europe.

BASF will continue to directly serve its customers in the automotive and wind energy industry with Baxxodur systems. The distribution agreement between both companies will initially target the German market and is to be extended, step by step to other European countries in which Euroresins is active.

Dr. Gregor Daun, Global Business Manager Epoxy Systems in BASF’s Intermediates division.

This partnership fits well into BASF’s strategy for epoxy resin systems, which focuses on selected areas such as wind energy and automotive. As one of the largest European distributors of composite materials, Euroresins has the perfect structure and acceptance in the market to serve the broad range of other applications

Under the Baxxodur brand BASF offers epoxy systems for the efficient production of fibre re-inforced composites. The product range includes various epoxy resins plus hardener systems.

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